2015 Sankranthi Dinner

Thank you for making TAGCA 2015 Sankranthi Dinner grand success. Hope you all enjoyed it.

2015 Ugadi Celebrations

Thank you for making TAGCA 2015 Ugadi Celebrations grand success. Hope you all enjoyed it.

2014 Vaahini Magazine

We released our new Vaahini Magazine at Ugadi 2014 event. Thank you all!.

We are Together

We are like a big family , help each other, respect each other..

TAGCA On Growth Pattern

Amazing growth for TAGCA - both financially and members wise..

TAGCA కు స్వాగతం

Telugu Association of Greater Charlotte Area (TAGCA) was formed on the Ugadi day of 2006 with an intention of preserving and promoting the Telugu cultural heritage and traditions among the Telugu speaking people residing in Greater Charlotte area of The United States of America. The association organizes social and cultural events and festivals that reflect the Telugu people culture from India.

It is a non-profit organization devoted to the promotion of Telugu culture in the Greater Charlotte area. Exempt from USA Federal Income Tax under section 501 [c][3] Tax Id # 43-2101566

The organization now has more than a 500 life members and an increasing number of regular members. Any person who speak Telugu and whose mother tongue is Telugu or is a descendent of Telugu parents is eligible for membership in this organization.

The oranization is administered and monitored by a Board of Trustees and a Committee.

TAGCA in addition to promoting Telugu culture, organizes and conducts various events for recreation and also undertakes charity and social service activities.